This morning’s tea 04.22.2012

Mountain Phoenix Oolong from Teavana

I have a small yixing from Adagio I have reserved for Taiwanese Oolongs like Ti Guan Yin or Dong Ding.  I think this oolong is a tad too dark for brewing in this pot, but I figured I’d chance it because it’s a pretty fruity/floral tasting oolong and will probably not be screwed up in this pot.  I was right.  

My second morning in a row getting up and rushing to the desk to chase the words.  I listened to Schubert as a spring rain drizzles outside.  I hear the drops hit the air conditioner and I am thinking I have lost track of time.  I forget that summer is coming.  It feels like the seasons have become random.   I have no memories of winter this year.  I am surprised when I see the trees are green.  I am surprised to see sunshine and I am surprised when it is chilly or I am surprised when I sweat against my backpack like I did yesterday.  I suppose part of this is the mindfulness practice I am working out in my life.  I try to approach each day free of preconceptions and suddenly the world manages to surprise me.

The words were full of rage this morning.  I am trying to create a safe harbor in this area of my apartment I have dedicated for writing.  I want these words to feel safe enough to come.  I close my morning practice with this entry and another pot of tea.